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Boston Applied Technologies' Eclipse™ series of Variable Optical Attenuator Array (ArrayVOA) is designed for multi-channel optical power adjustment. Based on OptoCeramicTM electro-optic technology, the ArrayVOA enables all solid state high-speed performance. BATi's ArrayVOA contains no moving parts and offers high speed, low insertion loss, low Polarization Dependence Loss (PDL), and a wide dynamic range. BATi's advanced micro-optical design also enables hybrid integration for space and cost savings and performance enhancement.
Precise, high-speed attenuation control
Excellent optical performance
All solid-state construction in a compact rugged package
Superb temperature stability
Optical modulation capability
Enabling hybrid
Attributes1,2 Performance
Wavelength Range3 1530~1565nm, 1570~1610nm
Insertion Loss <0.6dB
Dynamic Range >25dB
Spectral Flatness @ 15dB Attenuation 0.1dB typical4
PDL @ 1550nm and 15dB Attenuation 0.1dB typical4

Response Time (10% - 90%)

30µs typical
Input Power <500mW
Return Loss >55dB
Unless otherwise specified, all measurements are at 25oC.
Compliant to Telcorida GR1221 and GR 1209 specificatons.
1310nm and other wavelength also available.
For application attenuating a single wavelength utilizing BATi's feedback circuit.
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