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Boston Applied Technologies' EclipseTM Multimode Variable Optical Attenuators (MM-VOAs) maintain a constant output optical power in the multimode fiber transmission line, regardless of the wavelength and the level of attenuation. Based on the revolutionary OptoCeramicTM electro-optic technology, the MM-VOAs achieve very high speeds (with a typical transition time of less than a few microseconds) in a compact solid-state device. The MM-VOAs with integrated input tap or output tap (photo detector) are also available to eliminate the need of an external optical power detection component, substantially reducing the cost and space requirements.
Precise, high-speed attenuation control
Multimode fiber with low mode dependent loss
Excellent optical performance
Integral optical monitor tap
All solid-state construction in a compact package
Superb temperature stability
Attributes1,2 Performance
Wavelength Range3 1530~1565nm4
Insertion Loss 1dB
Dynamic Range 20dB
Mode Dependent Loss 0.2dB
Input Power <500mW
Return Loss > 40dB
Response Time (Full Range)5 < 5µs

Attenuation Resolution6

Unless otherwise specified, all measurements are at 25oC.
Meets or exceeds Telcorida GR1221 and GR 1209 specificatons.
Also operate in the L-Band with 0.2dB additional insertion loss.
For single-wavelength applications.
5. Design dependent 1µs device is also available.
6. The 0~5V control signal, amplified by the driver electronics, controls the optical power/attenuation.
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