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Boston Applied Technologies' Acrobat™ series of Polarization Controller, or polarization transformer, converts any input state of polarization to any selectable output state of polarization by the application of voltage to independently controlled retardation plates. The device uses OptoCeramic® electro-optic materials to enable high-speed, solid-state polarization conversions in a compact package. Options include printed circuit board mounted voltage drivers as well as complete packaged system for easy lab bench operation.

High speed
Low loss
Solid state
Meets or exceeds Telcordia GR1221 and GR1209 specifications
Attributes1,2 Performance
Wavelength Range3 1530~1565nm, 1570~1610nm
Insertion Loss2 1dB max, <0.8dB typical
Speed4 <30µs
Input Power5 <300mW
Polarization Mode Dispersion 0.05ps
Polarization Dependent Loss <0.1dB
Return Loss >55dB
Activation Loss6 0.1dB
Power Consumption7 600mW typical
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 70oC
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 85oC
Dimensions 22.3 x 11 x 7.8mm3
Unless otherwise specified, all measurements are at 0V, 25oC and 1550nm, without connector.
2. Maximum of π phase shift of each plate is recommended.
3. 1310nm and other wavelength also available.
4. The optical response time of a single plate to a change of zero to V(π )
5. Up to 2.7W input power was tested on BATi's devices.
6. At 25oC with V(π).
7. Includes voltage drivers used in the PCM420.
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