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Real time, polarization-preserving, linear polarization power tap monitor in a compact package. Boston Applied Technologies’ Polarization Maintaining power tap/monitor (PMTAP) measures PM fiber slow axis linear polarization output power. It is a compact solid-state device. The PM-TAP has a tap/output monitor and a photo detector; this eliminates the need for an external polarization-maintaining coupler and photo detector, substantially reducing cost and space requirements.
Excellent optical performance
Real time linear polarization optical power read out
All solid-state construction in a compact package
Superb temperature stability
Attributes1,2 Performance
Wavelength Range3 1310/1550nm
Insertion Loss <0.6dB
Spectral Flatness <0.1dB
Extinction Ratio >20dB

Tap Output

0.05µA/µW of output power
Input Power <300mW
Return Loss >55dB
Unless otherwise specified, all measurements are at 25oC.
Designed to meets or exceeds Telcordia GR1221 and GR1209 specifications.
Also operate in the L-Band with 0.2dB additional insertion loss.
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