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Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated
Announces the Formation of the Company
Woburn, MA, August 22, 2002 - Dr. Hua Jiang, former Site Manager and Chief Technology Officer of Corning Applied Technologies (CAT), a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated, announced today the formation of Boston Applied Technologies Incorporated (BATI), a Massachusetts corporation registered on July 3, 2002, by the key technical and management team formerly with Corning Applied Technologies. BATI has acquired the right to market and manufacture the OptoCeramicTM; based light intensity and polarization management products developed at CAT for the telecommunications and instrumentation industries.

OptoCeramicTM; materials are a family of transparent ceramics with exceptional high electro-optic coefficient and fast response speed. The light intensity and polarization products, based on the revolutionary OptoCeramicTM; materials technology platform, feature high reliability (Telcordia qualification), high performance (high speed and small footprint), and low cost.

Dr. Jiang, President and CEO of BATI, stated: "We're very enthusiastic about the opportunities for these products. Although the telecommunications industry is experiencing a serious downturn and consolidation, we are confident that our technology is sustainable; the mature and proven products will win again based on the low cost and high performance nature and a diverse customer base." Dr. Jiang further emphasized, "We have a winning team with an excellent track record in commercialization of government sponsored programs. We will continue to implement our strategy and develop next generation products to further strengthen our position."

"With many years' development effort and a group of industry pioneers, BATI is ready to take off from a leveraged starting point" concluded Jiang. "We are extremely excited about the future of our business in providing our customers with a complete photonic solution of the highest standard."

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