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iOptron Commence Marketing, Sales and Customer Support Operations in Woburn, MA, USA

Woburn, MA, May 16, 2007 -iOptron Corporation announces the opening of marketing, sales and customer support operations in Woburn, MA, USA.

iOptron is the new entity of NJ-IDEA as a result of business merge/acquisition. iOptron is a company headquartered in Woburn, MA, USA, with manufacturing operations in Nanjing, China. All of the business activities of NJ-IDEA have been transferred to iOptron. It has been determined by the new management that all of the global marketing, sales and customer support operations will be managed through iOptron's office in Woburn, MA, starting immediately.

"iOptron is committed to continuing to provide our partners world-wide with products of best quality and competitive price. With the restructuring of our operation, we can also serve our partners and clients outside of China better, by moving closer to them and by providing an easier channel of communication." said Dr. John Hou, VP of Marketing of iOptron Corporation.

The well-received GoToStar lines formerly produced by NJ-IDEA have been reengineered, enhanced and renamed GoToNova™. With this improved star-tracking device, combined with a GPS device, the new star-tracking systems outperform all the other products of the same category on the market. Additionally iOptron has developed several lines of GoToNova™ equipped telescopes brand-named SmartStar™. Information on those products is currently available on the company website:

6F Gill Street, Woburn, MA 01801
Tel: 781-935 2800

Fax: 781-935 2860