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iOptron, BATi's subsidiary provides three-dimensional non-contact inspection and quantitative surface topography measurement for research and production applications. iOptron's optical profiler systems are powerful tools for characterizing and quantifying surface roughness, step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features with excellent precision and accuracy.

iOptron provides optical surface profiling solutions for different budget levels. To satisfy customer's need, iOptron can provide solutions either as a complete system or as add-on components for customer's existing microscope systems.

  • Customized Design

  • Non-contact 3D surface measurements

  • High resolution

  • Works with both high and low reflectivity surface

  • Simple and flexible functionality

  • Very cost-effective
  • Precision machined surfaces
  • Optics and fibers
  • Ceramics, solders, paper, and plastics
  • Semiconductors and MEMS devices
  • Film and foil
  • Magnetic heads and disks
  • Polymers and biomateria
Key Specifications
Parameters Performances
Non-contact, three dimentional, scanning white light inteferometry
Measurement Technique
Scanner Closed-loop, piezo-based
Objectives 4X, 10X, 20X
Illuminator Long-life white light LED
Target Materials Various surfaces: opaque, transparent,
coated, uncoated, specular, and
5µm, 500µm,5mm
Vertical Scan Range
Vertical Resolution 1nm, 10nm, 100nm
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