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BATi is now providing three-dimensional, non-contact Computed Tomography (CT) imaging systems for a wide variety of applications in research institutes and industries. BATi's micro industrial CT imaging systems are powerful tools for characterizing and quantifying 3D measurement of internal structure, cracks, defects of material and devices.

Micro objectives are reconstructed by a set of slices which are used to analyze the three dimensional morphological parameters. To satisfy customer's requirements, BATi offers solutions either as a complete system or as scanning services.

  • Non-Destructive Test 3D measurements of inter defects
  • High resolution 127 micron pixel

  • X-Ray Energy 130 kV

  • Simple and flexible functionality

  • 150 mm maximum object size for reconstruction

  • Computer system control, 3D reconstruction and versification

  • 3D Non-destructive inspection

  • Electronic components and packaging

  • Medical imaging

  • Biological specimens

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Geological specimens

  • Diamonds

Key Specifications
Parameters Performances
X-ray cone-beam computed tomography
Measurement Technique
X-ray source 130 kV, 0.5 mA , 10µ @ 8W, 100µ @65W
X-ray detector Amorphous silicon digital x-ray detector
Pixel array 1516 x 1900 pixels, 127 pixel size
Maximum object size for reconstruction 150 mm
Reconstruction algorithms Cone-beam volumetric reconstruction
Radiation safety
< 2.5 mGy.h-1 ( Better than US Standard )
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