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X-Ray Phosphors
X-ray phosphors are designed to respond to X-rays by re-emitting the energy as visible light. X-ray phosphors are incorporated into a variety of X-ray imaging devices. Such devices find applications in medical radiography, security inspection, and industrial non-destructive testing. Among these, the most important application of X-ray phosphors is for the production of X-ray intensifying screens.
Phosphors for Trichromatic Lamps
Trichromatic lamp phosphor (TLP) is a pre-mixed powder with individual color (red, green and blue) lamp phosphors. It can be directly used to lamp tubes without further milling process. Individual color lamp phosphors are also provided upon custom's need. These phosphors are especially suitable for making high performance energy saving lamps, neon lights, and LCD backlights.
Long Persistent Phosphors
Long persistent phosphors can light up for a long time in the darkness after irradiation with sunlight or artificial light. The rare earth long persistent phosphors have a much higher light intensity and longer duration over other phosphors, such as zinc sulphide (ZnS). Currently these phosphors are widely used as pigments added into paints, rubbers and plastics for applications such as billboards, traffic signs, decorations and toys.
Up-Conversion Phosphors for Anti-Counterfeiting
The up-conversion phosphors (UCPs) are used to convert invisible infrared light into various visible lights. When used as anti-counterfeiting materials, these phosphors are able to be added into transparent ink to print invisible text, pattern or code which can be recognized under IR illumination. We now provide high efficient and brightness up-conversion phosphors in color of red, blue, and green.
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