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Liquid Precursors & Coating Services
Coating precursors for depositing functional films are developed at BATi. The precursors can be applied via dip-, spin-, and spray-coating, or by brush-painting. Customized precursors and coating services based on a chemical solution deposition technology is also provided.
- Platinum Coating
A liquid formula of platinum precursor is available at BATi. The precursor can be applied via dip-, spin-, and spray-coating, or by brush-painting. The coatings can be catalytic and/or conductive after heat-treated at 350° to 450°. A platinum coating layer can find applications in Dye Solar Cells as a catalytic layer that greatly enhances electron transfer to electrolytes, or in others simply as a conducting electrode layer.
- Electro-optic/Ferroelectric/Dielectric Films
Liquid precursors for coating of electro optic /ferroelectric /dielectric thin films are available at BATi. Based on these precursors, electro-optic thin films with high EO coefficients, and dielectric thin films with high permittivities, low loss can be fabricated.
- Magneto-optic/Ferromagnetic Films
BATi provides its customers with liquid precursors for coating of magneto-optic films such as gadolinium oxide or garnets. M-type barium ferrite (BaFe9O12, BaM) thin films are also successfully developed at BATi. The BaM thin films are coated on c-sapphire or polycrystalline alumina substrates with an out-of-plane orientation. The BaM precursors are also available for sale.
Many other oxide precursors are also available at BATi, such as precursors for up- and down-converting luminescence applications with rare-earth dopings. A list of oxide thin film coating precursors and corresponding coating services provided at BATi is showing below. Customized developments on other oxide thin films or substituted thin films are also provided.
Materials Processing & Characterizing Services
- Material Characterization Services
X-ray diffraction measurement
Fluorescence spectra measurement
- Material Processing Services
Vacuum sintering (up to 2000°)
Pressure-assisted sintering (hot-press)
Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP)
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