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Boston Applied Technologies, Inc. (BATi) is developing an innovative visible-IR, high speed full polarization imaging technology based on high performance electro-optic materials and novel control algorithm. This major breakthrough in cell and tissue imaging and diagnostics enables scientists and engineers to enhance the cell boundary without stain; to improve the cell contrast; to improve the classification accuracy (cancerous tissue); and to differentiate false positive cells from true positive cells. In addition, the technology offers real-time and on-the-spot analysis and is easy-to-use. This technology also provides a cost effective way to modify an optical microscope into an advanced full polarization imaging system, with BATi's compact add-on components/modules.

Full polarization imaging sensor
Fiber optic polarization management device

Polarizaiton control module
Full polarization imaging system


- Better Discrimination Accuracy;
- Lower Classification Error Rate (CER);
- Real Time Polarization Imaging;
- Cost Saving

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