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BATi (and CAT) was one of the first companies that introduced polarization-controlling devices to the marketplace with no moving parts. OptoCeramic® technology enables high speed, solid-state light polarization management in a compact package. The Polarization Controller/Polarization Transformer (PC/PT) converts any input state of polarization (SoP) to any output SoP by sending electronic signals to each independent retardation plates. The Dynamic Polarization Rotator (DPR) rotates the light beam while preserves its polarization property. The Polarization maintaining tap monitor (PM-tap) gives 3% to 5% tap output of P- or S-polarization component through an integrated photodetector. BATi's polarization sensor provides the fastest SoP detection and enables high performance polarimeters.
Polarization Controller/Polarization Transformer
Dynamic Polarization Rotator (DPR)
Polarization Maintaining Tap/ Monitor (PM-Tap)
Linear Polarization Converter (LPC)
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