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Boston Applied Technologies, Inc. (BATi) 's basic technology includes the state-of-the-art OptoCeramicTM materials in bulk and thin-film forms, both for solid-state, ultra-fast light controlling devices which have a large variety of bio-medical applications and remote sensing applications. BATi also provides innovative ferro-electric, megneto-optic and other funcional materials with low cost. BATi's scintillators, faster and brighter, are developed for medical imaging, nuclear medicine/therapy and nuclear physics.
Functional Materials

Transparent Electro-Optics Ceramics
Electro-optic (EO) Gain Ceramics
Ferro-electric Materials

Thin Films
Electro-optic Thin Films
Magneto-optic Thin Films
Phosphor Films

Phosphor Powders
Scintillator Ceramics
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